40% off Halloween Sale
Due to technical issues with the site we have extended the 40% off sale.
For one day only Jaded Dreads will be offering 40% off you total order of 125.00 dollars or more!

Starting NOW until 1 PM EST tomorrow!!

Hurry quick to www.jadeddreads.com/catalog

**** USE CODE "40%off" during checkout!! ****

Halloween deadlines still available!

New goggle and hair prototypes for August - on ebay now!

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New Goggle Designs @ Jaded Dreads
Hey all~

We have some new goggle designs available for pre-order as well as some ebay goodies this time around!
From some great new one of a kind anime neko girls, cyber creations, Angels, demons, and licensed combichrist goggles...

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Two foam falls and new debuting Goggle design!
Hello! Long time no auction!
With all the orders we've been working on lately we havent had a good auction in a while! We currently have up two new foam falls and a brand new debut on a goggle design up for grabs!
Theres only less than a day left on the foam falls so be quick to look!

More on these behind the cut!
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Springtime 30% to 50% off Sale
Springtime Savings Clearance Blowout Sale doohickey! :)

Yep, it's that time of year..that we run another sale on everything you desire! Dread Falls, Dolly Falls, Goggles, Wigs, you name it, you can save on it! Unless, of course, you are looking for a new car...in that case we can't help you save on it...but we can try! :D

Act fast as this will only be up until April 30th, 2007.

Also if you still have orders with us, do not worry! We are getting to them as quickly as humanily possible! :)

Lots of extra leftovers at major discounts
Hey guys and gals over the next few days, I am going to be clearing out some stuff that has been sitting around for far too long! Most everything set wise is left over from cons or canceled orders.. Everything listed is available for immed. Shipping!!!

There are premade sets, hair making supplies and more...

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50% off Sale

Shop @ jadeddreads.com

New Auctions - PS3 and home console arcade cabinet
This week we have two great auctions for the video game addict/collector. ;)

First up the PS3...

What's the hottest gift this year? It's not the TMX...nor the Nintendo Wii (although it looks fun!)
The hottest gift has to be the newly launched and EXTREMELY limited (sold out everywhere) Playstation 3 system! And whats hotter than the standard 20GB "core" system of the PS3?
THE 60GB "bells and whistles" of the two!!
and what's hotter then that, you say... Well how about a .99 cent starting bid, free shipping and no reserve!!!

Now I don't think the PS3 needs any further intro, but for those of you that are interested all details/pics are behind the cut!

PS3 Auction


Now what I do think needs intro is the Quasicade Home gaming arcade cabinet that we have listed.
For those of you that do not know a lot about the quasicade machines, you can experience real arcade action in this full size, commercial grade cabinet. Quasicade's convert your X-box, Playstation 2, Gamecube, Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii or PC/MAC into a full size arcade game system that plays ALL your favorite games. Not just 21, 48, or 81 “classic” games like store models - If you can play the game on your gaming system or PC, you can play it on this system!

Be one of the ELITE to own your own quasicade arcade machine, as seen on IGN, team XBOX, retro gamer and HGTV's I want that!.

Quasicade auction

Havn't heard of the quasicade????

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please read ASAP
Okay everybody, Lately we have had a rash of orders from people that suffered from the "return to merchant" disease. Rather then trying to contact you one by one, this was the best solution. If you have ordered from us and not recieved your orders yet, we ask to please do the following!!!!

Log on to your account with us at http://www.jadeddreads.com/catalog and take a look at your order history. If the order you placed is not showing up at all, that means that when paying through paypal, either you did NOT click return to merchant and follow back to our site for confirmation of your order or paypal glitched and shut the window before the order was fully placed.

In plain terms that means that we got your money but not any notification or info regarding what you ordered.. IE.. colors, length, goggle type, shoe size, etc. etc. etc.

We would hate to think that people have been waiting months for items/orders that we don't even know exist.

So please if you have placed an order and have not yet recieved it.

Please complete the following steps!:

1. Check your account order history

2. If order is missing, check your cart it may still be there as if you never paid.

3. Resubmit your order as a check/money order (it will not make you pay any additional funds this way)

4. During the check out process leave us comments in the note/comment box that include any original order info.
For example: the original date you ordered so that you do not lose your place in line, Your original method of payment, receipt ID through paypal. Any of those pieces of information will help us get your order done immediately, so that you are not waiting even longer.

You do not need to email us regarding a "return to merchant" snaffu.. We will be checking our Awaiting payment orders daily to look for those of you that have been affected by this glitch, so that we can remedy any future issues!

Again thank you for reading this and I hope it solves a lot of the long delays people have been suffering...

The Jaded Team

sale extended

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